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Digital Trends to Watch in 2015

Last week, I attended a wonderful event sponsored by BioCom at Torrey Pines Lodge.  I am already envisioning a great future for digital health, but the panel was terrific.  Here are some of the top articles on digital health trends.

In all cases, wearables are a big trend.  I’m waiting to see how Apple Watch turns out, anyone else?  Particularly the app they have in conjunction with Dana Faber is a stellar idea.  I love the fact that they are trying to look at the full journey of the breast cancer patient.

Telemedicine also continues to be a huge trend.  Next post will be after I finish Eric Topol’s new book, “The patient will see you now.”


Tech Crunches top trends here.

Trends driven by Millenials?  Here.

And one of my favorites, Mashable, here.


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