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Networking and The 5 People You Must Know.

Until about 2 years ago, the idea of networking was distasteful to me. It reeked of spending time fruitlessly making small talk with a group of dressed up people all trying to impress each other. Then someone said to me “you have one the the best networks, I know.”

Huh? Are you talking to me? I said out loud.

You see, I find people who have ideas interesting, so frankly I spend a lot of time chewing the fat, bouncing ideas and generally waxing philosophical. I never really considered this a network or that what I was doing might be considered networking. Recently I heard Jeff Dyer speak about his book “The Innovator’s DNA” and one of the the first recommendations he had was to have a diverse network. In fact, I would argue there are at least 5 people you must know:

1) The maven. The maven is up on everything. She knows the latest technology, what companies have been lauded, and whether the latest juice craze is actually heathy. Look for a maven in your field or a maven that is all about innovation.

2) The iconoclast. The iconoclast is always coming at life from a different angle. He questions the norm and is abrasive with conservatives. He shakes you up when you get too comfortable.

3) The teenager. You must know and talk with a teenager. The perspectives you get will make you realize no matter how hip you think you are, you are set in your ways.

4) The mentor. When you have lost your way, your mentor gently but firmly coaches you back to path. He nods through your wild ideas and asks you the gentle question that can keep your head in the sky and feet on the ground.

5) The noodler. The noodles loves to figure things out. She has a mind for puzzles and loves to help people. Come to her with any problem and she is sure to figure it out.


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