Marketing, musings, and the future

From my dear friend Kim Green and her adventure in Cambodia.

The Greenery

Is this man poor?

If riches were measured in abs alone, he would be a wealthy man.

The noodle maker runs a simple guesthouse in a remote Cambodian village. He wears only a krama (scarf) as a sarong. Cows and pigs live behind his house. He gets water from a well and showers by dipping rainwater from a large clay pot (as did Chantha and I that night). He has an actual toilet, possibly one of the few in his village. A small TV flickers in his guesthouse “bunkroom” and plays Khmer music videos into the night. And every morning, he rises with the roosters (about 3am) to make rice noodles by hand with his wife and kids to sell in the nearby market. That photo series and story coming soon. He supports his family and his mother by selling homemade noodles and running a guesthouse that sees occasional visitors…

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