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Commitments and Convictions

Last night I read a statistic that stopped me in my tracks: the average parent spends 4 hours watching tv and only 6 minutes playing with their children.

Can’t possibly be true, can it?

But as you pause to think about it, ask yourself if your commitments reflect your convictions? Your legacy will be in where you spend your time and your money. A couple years ago I realized that I spent more on childcare than I do on my mortgage. You know what? I actually saw that as a good thing because my #1 priority was to make sure my kids had a safe and enriching environment.

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in other obligations, other expectations and lose your day. But I’ve learned I must be vigilant to not make a habit of it. Convictions are simply an academic exercise without commitment of resource.


One comment on “Commitments and Convictions

  1. returnoninformation
    September 29, 2012

    I would be interested to see the trend of the stats over time. I can imagine that over the decades the numbers have tilted more and more in favor of the glowing pieces of rectangular glass that we find so irresistible. There is likely a parallel scary stat showing our children’s increased fascination and time spent with the glowing glass. If you extrapolate this to where mobile is taking us ( because its fun to look at the extremes) , then parents will either completely stop spending meaningful time with their kids, OR, it will be the catylist that brings them back together full circle.

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