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Ring Another One Up for Digital

It was just last week that my husband came home from the supermarket inspired. The couple in front of him–extreme coupon collectors–managed to get out of Von’s with a cartful of groceries for only $5. “That’s it.” he announced. “We have got to get on the coupon wagon.”

I felt a muscle spasm in the back of my neck as I recalled every last time I tried to save coupons. Inevitably I never had the right coupon with me at the right store. They seemed to expire before I could whip them out of my cool coupon filer and scraps of unruly paper seemed to be everywhere. It sort of reminded me of my planner notebook before I took the plunge and went completely digital with my calendar and task list.

Digital…..Shazam, I thought…why hasn’t anyone figured out a way to make coupons digital? . Maybe you could do this in some way like google wallet and scan your phone for the coupon…

So as luck would have it, when I went shopping today at Von’s, they asked if I wanted to sign up for “just for U” their digital coupon system. In this system, you are able to go online and choose from a variety of deals. Then, the next time you go to the store, you get the deal–no coupon clipping. Not only did I jump for joy as a consumer, but think of the possibilities as a marketeer.

Von’s could set up a series of conjoint analyses on my preferences over time.  They can also home ever more closely on my preferences.  And from a loyalty standpoint, if I can optimize my savings for what I want to purchase, why wouldn’t I shop there? The trick is offering the right mix of discounts such that the things I normally purchase make up the margin.  I have no doubt that Von’s has enough data on my purchase behavior through their loyalty programs to set up the right algorithm to do this.

Ring another one up for digital.


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