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Video Games

We humans are a visual bunch.  Remember when they told us in speech class that 50% of effective speaking is your body language?  It should probably come as no surprise that video is becoming all the rage in marketing and content creation.

I am a huge fan of combining user experience mapping with the classical marketing funnel to design marketing vehicles tailoring what you want your customer to think-feel-do at each stage. Video seems to fit into 2 stages really well: Awareness and Evaluation.

Awareness. Using video for awareness means creation of video content that ranks high for sharability–striving for the holy grail of the viral video! I think Seth Godin’s musings of why people share ideas are roughly the same as why people share videos.

I spread your idea because…

Ideas spread when people choose to spread them. Here are some reasons why:

  1. I spread your idea because it makes me feel generous.
  2. …because I feel smart alerting others to what I discovered.
  3. …because I care about the outcome and want you (the creator of the idea) to succeed.
  4. …because I have no choice. Every time I use your product, I spread the idea (Hotmail, iPad, a tattoo).
  5. …because there’s a financial benefit directly to me (Amazon affiliates, mlm).
  6. …because it’s funny and laughing alone is no fun.
  7. …because I’m lonely and sharing an idea solves that problem, at least for a while.
  8. …because I’m angry and I want to enlist others in my outrage (or in shutting you down).
  9. …because both my friend and I will benefit if I share the idea (Groupon).
  10. …because you asked me to, and it’s hard to say no to you.
  11. …because I can use the idea to introduce people to one another, and making a match is both fun in the short run and community-building.
  12. …because your service works better if all my friends use it (email, Facebook).
  13. …because if everyone knew this idea, I’d be happier.
  14. …because your idea says something that I have trouble saying directly (AA, a blog post, a book).
  15. …because I care about someone and this idea will make them happier or healthier.
  16. …because it’s fun to make another teen snicker about prurient stuff we’re not supposed to see.
  17. …because the tribe needs to know about this if we’re going to avoid an external threat.
  18. …because the tribe needs to know about this if we’re going to maintain internal order.
  19. …because it’s my job.
  20. I spread your idea because I’m in awe of your art and the only way I can repay you is to share that art with others.

My friend Andrew recently created a great video for our industry (life sciences) called Ph.Diva and the mystery band that is being shared by scientists everywhere.  And if you are not a scientist, just think of the Old Spice Guy Campaign with its 45 million views as the top viral video of all time. Did that generate awareness for Old Spice or what?

Evaluate. Evaluate videos are to help users decide what they should purchase. They are often educational or demonstrate how to use a product. Totally different tone than an awareness video because of course it is targeted to someone in the evaluate stage of the funnel. The key with this type of video is to think about how your user will find it.  Will it be appropriately embedded on your web? When your user searches on their pain points will it come up as part of their search?

Video Stats show that video is on the rise–83% of Americans have viewed an online video. And search engines are embracing Video search. Video is here not just to stay but to grow.  And Video games are probably one of the best investments you can make as part of your 21st century marketing mix.


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