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Digital Trends to Watch in 2015

Last week, I attended a wonderful event sponsored by BioCom at Torrey Pines Lodge.  I am already envisioning a great future for digital health, but the panel was terrific.  Here … Continue reading

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SEO, Google, and You

An introduction to SEO—search engine optimization—and how it can help more customers find you. A customer goes online and does a search for private investigations firms in his local area. … Continue reading

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Everybody loves a story

Everyone thinks that the way to get a video to go viral is to be hilarious or outrageous.  But I love this advertisement for UPS, which is just plain touching. … Continue reading

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What Does the Spleen Do?

Harvard Medical School’s spoof on Yvlis’ What Does the Fox Do. Who doesn’t love a science-themed song?

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Top Tech Trends for 2014

After reviewing the various tech trend predictions of 2014, I’ve decided that ITBusiness Edge has published my favorite–from the experts at Gartner.  It’s cloud, cloud, cloud. In the next year, … Continue reading

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How Big Data Will Lower Costs and Advance Personalized Medicine

Datafication could change healthcare. Big data and personalized medicine have been industry buzz terms for quite some time, but while it’s widely known there are correlations between the two, many are still struggling … Continue reading

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Day to Day at Pathology Visions

Check out my review of the Pathology Visions Conference….and the latest piece on the Definiens’ blog….. Every year we await the Pathology Visions conference, curious to see what the latest … Continue reading

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Open Innovation

One of my favorite all time talks on open innovation.

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Networking and The 5 People You Must Know.

Until about 2 years ago, the idea of networking was distasteful to me. It reeked of spending time fruitlessly making small talk with a group of dressed up people all … Continue reading

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Not Leaning, Living: A New Dialog for Women

Like many of you out there, I saw the spate of media attention to the Sheryl Sandberg book, “Leaning In.” And so I bought it and read it…..finding it to … Continue reading

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